Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Joke of the Day

Anti-Landrieu (apparently, they're more respectable than Nagin signs) appearing in my neighborhood:

If Landrieu Wins, We Lose

Think About It:

*Higher Taxes

*Politics as Usual

*National Disgrace

If Landrieu wins, we'll be a national disgrace? Are they f***ing kidding me?

The first two probably require a lengthier rebuttal than I have time for right now, but Stephanie Grace has a good column on the second. On the first, I believe that the city can only increase taxes by referendum. More importantly, if you encounter a blowhard who repeats the Landrieu voted for a billion dollars in increased income taxes canard, just ask him where thinks most of the state GOP leadership stood on the Stelly plan.

Next post will be something other than an anti-Nagin screed, I guarantee it.

On the first, I believe that the city can only increase taxes by referendum.

The Council just increased the millages (having waiting until after the primary, of course) and only need the Mayor's approval at this point.

I think taxes are going up no matter who gets elected, so yeah, stupid signs.
Taxes are going to go up... that's a given.(Should have seen us after Loma Prieta in the Bay Area.)

Now when it comes to the election: we cannot have Nagin as Mayor. He has proved his worthlessness time after time.

Right now Nagin is playing a race-based card: taxes increasing, the old days returning... Just stuff to scare the Black voters.

Mitch is our best bet for Mayor, period.
My first impulse was just to ridicule the last item (national disgrace) with the other two to wait for lengthier, researched (well, at least google searched) posts. Barring that, I should have just linked to Stephanie Grace and mentioned that the billiondollar income tax canard (from the Firman commercial) can only have come from the Stelly Plan. I had the sense to say, "I believe," but still sloppy. Should have just stuck with the national disgrace.
How is a vote *for* the incumbent a vote *against* politics as usual? It make-a no sense.

"Well people like that reform. Maybe we should get us some."

"I’ll reform you, you soft-headed sonofabitch! How we gonna run reform when we’re the damn incumbent!"
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