Thursday, May 18, 2006

Immediately Relevant Bush/Nagin Parallel

From the N.O. Tribune endorsement:

First of all, we don’t think it is a good idea to change mayors in these times of crisis.

Sound familar? The main pitch of Nagin supporters is basically: "he may have made mistakes, but he's learned from them but we know that he's honest, and you can't trust his opponent..."

Last time we heard that, it turned out that the incumbent wasn't all that honest and he hadn't learned much. Is it ever a good idea to vote for an incumbent who makes his opponent the issue more than he does his own record?

Won't be able to finish a post tonight explaining comments that I made at YRHT and Library Chronicles. I'll give the gist of it. Key point to the endorsement:

Then there were those who looked at us suspiciously when we stepped to the defense of Mayor Marc Morial, again and again, beating back malicious attacks of the White-owned media almost from the day he took office. And we can’t forget the bogus charges of “patronage” and “corruption” levied by The Times Picayune, Gambit and the White business community. Students of history that we are, we recognized this onslaught for what it was—a replay of the same century-old, post-Reconstruction ploy that disenfranchised Blacks in the 1890’s and kept our people from holding public office for the next 80 years. We were as determined then as we are now to prevent history from repeating itself.

Since its 1985 founding by Dwight McKenna, the Tribune has always labeled any investigation into black officials or contractors racially motivated--even Nagin's apparent effort to clean-up City Hall. Nagin has had some strange contract dealings since Katrina, but that all began long before.

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