Friday, May 26, 2006

I'd Hate to See a Return to the Politics of the Past

If Landrieu had been elected who knows what old power brokers we might have read about in Today's Picayune:
Finally, Nagin's second-term push calls for a four-member Reorganization and Staffing Committee to undertake a comprehensive review of his appointed staff....
(Compromised of)
and Jim Singleton, a former city councilman and the longtime leader of the Central City-based BOLD political organization.

I wonder how long it will take the editors and op-ed writers at The Times Picayoyo to remember that Nagin tried once before to create a similar position for Singleton:
It's not clear how much of the resistance reflects a routine yearning for more details of the administration's plans and how much is a gathering storm over Nagin's stated aim to appoint Singleton to a $110,482-per-year job as executive assistant in charge of operations and reorganization.

It's not clear from today's article how much, if any, pay and actual authority come with the new positions.

Of course, we know from Nagin's first term that there couldn't have been any kind of quid pro quo involved:
He finished fourth in the February mayoral primary and then became the first major "also-ran" to endorse Nagin in the March run-off. After the election, Singleton became a fixture in Nagin's transition team

Personally, I'd like to see the T/P stop yo-yoing back-and-forth, and start being objective before the important campaign begins (my opinion in the comments, don't want to imply any endorsement of my views):
It's still important, IMO, because I think we're going to see what amounts to a second campaign over the mayor's emergency powers and control over the city's share of the reconstruction money.

I don't mean to be hard on you, but if even his critics help maintain that image, it helps him keep the power to make some irrevocable decisions. I wouldn't want any mayor--Landrieu, Forman (even if he were every thing his fans thought) and certainly not mayor "I don't know what happened to the paperwork on the landfill."

Sorry to keep harping on it, but the sooner we get rid of well-meaning, shoot from the hip image, the sooner we have an intelligent discussion of the issues.

Judging from today's op-ed section, I'd expect the T/P to stay in praise and defend Nagin mode for at least a little longer

"Riding the wave of his runoff?"

Have they so soon forgotten that 48 percent of the voters didn't want Nagin to be mayor?

I like the slant you've taken in this post David!
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