Sunday, May 21, 2006

About That Victory Speech

If, like me, you ever wondered how Nagin can be such a skillful politician when it comes to campaining and such a lousy politician when it comes to governing or coalition building, you probably got your answer last night. As Steve Sabludowsky (no Blanco fan) said:

Nor did Mayor Nagin do a great job in being magnanimous in his campaign speech. He did thank two heavy hitters, Jesus Christ and President Bush but he poked at Governor Blanco suggesting that she provided very little help to the City and made the unfortunate remark that some people went over to the “red light district” which is certainly not befitting honest differences in agreement among the New Orleans population who have been in a state of shock since last August and were looking for a different type of leader

Nagin's really not all that complicated, he just can't help being a prick.

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