Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wiggle Warning?

Okay, everyone knows that the projected cost (I still hate that headline) of protecting the New Orleans area has increased dramatically. You have to wonder if we're going to hear that Bush only promised to make New Orleans safer. No great prescience there, I think everyone expects to see an effort to abandon Plaquemines. Even Louisiana conservatives are suggesting it. I almost hate to ask the question, but don't conservatives love to point out that liberal professors are paid by the state or by the people of the state?

Let's see, the regular army told Bush that he needed to commit more troops to secure Iraq. He wouldn't commit. The Army Corps of Engineers tells Bush he needs to commit more money to make south Louisiana more secure. He still won't commit. Insert your favorite old picture.

We're trying to pur pressure on with the Send Your Beads to Bush capaign....send a message to fund the levees.

Here's the link

Can you help? Send him your beads and us a picture to post.
Jeez please excuse that awful spelling and typing
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