Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Um, Don't They Have Editors For This?

Online defintion:

crime rate
n : the ratio of crimes in an area to the population of that
area; expressed per 1000 population per year

Today's Times Picayune:

Crime rates drop in N.O.Fewer people in town means less violence
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
By Trymaine Lee
Staff writer
A smaller population in New Orleans helped cut overall crime 68 percent in the city during the last three months of 2005 compared with the same period in 2004, New Orleans Police Superintendent Warren Riley announced Monday.

In an unrelated media note, hard to say which was the worse reponse to a quetion last night:

MATTHEWS: If you believe that if say you approve of the president‘s

performance, you have a better shot of getting some money from him.

FORMAN: I think you have to work with people


BOULET: You know, Ray, cool cities have universities downtown, and

cool universities are downtown.

I don't think she was being tongue-in-cheek, I think she had trouble with a question she should have seen coming. At any rate, Forman won the tie breaker for naming Giuliani a great mayor that he considered a role model.

The more I think about it, the less likely I think it is that Couhig and Landrieu worked something out. I think giving Couhig an opportunity to attack Nagin, was far smarter than trying to put him on the defensive with a tough question. With Couhig at the top of his game, would you rather him counterattacking you or attacking one of your two main opponents? We'll probably see that tactic repeated if the format's the same in the remaining debates. Maybe not, it might grow old fast.

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