Thursday, April 13, 2006

The State, the City and the ACoE Agree on Something

The landfill may well be safe, but I find it hard to believe that all three could be right about anything:

The state Department of Environmental Quality will allow the opening of a new construction landfill in eastern New Orleans that has been vehemently opposed by a coalition of neighborhood residents and environmentalists, department officials announced Thursday.


The Corps and DEQ approvals were the last remaining regulatory hurdles keeping the landfill from accepting waste, meaning the facility could open immediately


Mayor Ray Nagin, invoking emergency powers he granted himself after Katrina, gave the required conditional-use permit to Waste Management to open the Chef Menteur landfill.

But don't get the wrong idea, the mayor understands the importance of letting people keep trash out of their neighborhoods.

It's no longer a rhetorical question: didn't the mayor give up emergency powers when he took a trip to Jamaica? Seriously it's been over seven months and the mayor's been out of town at least twice for personal reasons. Hearing the WWL reporter end the story by emphasizing that the landfill would only be open for a year and then capped, didn't do much for my confidence-- in either the landfill or the reporter.

In other matters:

Scalia's had a lot to be proud of.

Draw your own conclusions about the first part of the article I cited in the previous post. However, Nagin's running a new ad blaming the state's unwillingness to adopt his plan for the lack of federal money. He might truly believe that the state's at fault, that the White House and Congress wouldn't shoot down any plan that the state presented, he might, possibly. However, if he pushes that on national TV Monday night, I say we don't just vote him out, we run him out on a rail. If he uses his national platform to attack an opponent, even though it means taking the pressure off Washington, we'll know that re-election is his top (or only) priority.

On the other hand, we'll could all end up being happy that WWL isn't hosting Monday's debate. That's assuming that Watson stays on message about the levees of mass destruction and three blocks of New York destroyed compared to 80% of New Orleans.

Ashley seems to have forgotten about Tim. Question, are we really supposed to vote for the candidate who says the most good things about our local universities?

I know New Orleans needs its universities, and please, no angry comments about the trash joke. That's not my attitude, but one couldn't be blamed for thinking it's the attitude of some of our officials--that does not contradict my previous NIMBY posts BTW. Probably has more to do the relative influence of that part of the West Bank and that part New Orleans East.

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