Monday, April 10, 2006

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Since Gambit Weekly will almost certainly endorse Forman next week, I have to ask, is New Orleans the only city large enough to have an alternative weekly, where the alternative weekly is more "establishment" than the major daily?

Might need to add John Conyers Blog to my blogroll, and don't forget this?

If you haven't seen it yet (couldn't begin to name everyone who's mentioned it) James Carville had some interesting things to say last week:

"I almost hit somebody on TV when they started talking about 'that corrupt levee board down there,' " he said. "Gimme a break -- the levee board mows the grass! If the levees broke because of high grass, then come talk to me."

Then there's the one about how nobody should live in New Orleans because its below sea level.

"Every port in the world is below sea level!" Carville fumed. "You can't build a port on a hill. You're going to build a port in Colorado?"

More people like Carville better get that levee board message out, because I suspect that federal government (through its media allies) is going to try to use that FBI probe as a huge smokescreen.

Depressing Thought from NMMNB:

What I'm getting at is the fact that liberalism, even in the bluest states, is a mile wide and an inch deep. Too many liberals don't trust their own political beliefs enough to stick with them. Like battered wives, they really want to believe Republicans "can change," that they can stop being mean to the rest of us. So at the first sign of moderation, voters in California, a state where the GOP was considered "dead," made Schwarzenegger governor.

Interesting point about the Gambit. It really is puzzling.
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