Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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Ignored this story when I saw it last week because I didn't have anything to add. As if there's anything wrong with just posting "THIS MAY BE IMPORTANT", even worse, I assumed the story would get more attention. What's one of the main non-ego reasons for blogging? If you haven't seen his comments on other blogs, thanks to Philadelphia blogger Pursuing Tzedek for doing so much to call attention to it. It might seem minor, but it terms of bang for the buck, it seems like a no-brainer. I can't see where there'd be any of the usual problems with FEMA assuming responsibility for local government functions, and of course the churches that might normally house groups of volunteers have been wiped out.

FEMA plans to stop funding bus service on June 30. I wouldn't expect the federal government to come through on this one. Couldn't help but notice that it's another agency with its own PR person. I know, NORTA needs to put out updated information on routes and schedules, but I do wonder how many information/public affairs NORTA and other agencies have. It would be nice to see the city's entire budget (down to payroll) made public before the city needs to make the really tough choices.

In a similar vein, the city's fired 86 cops in the last four months. No mention of how many have resigned without being replaced. In an angry comment on another blog, I wondered about the lack of police presence outside of "the sliver." Obviously, it would be too soon for the city to have replaced any lost officers yet, but I have to wonder if the city's even budgeted for their replacement. Remember, the October layoffs barely affected the NOPD.

What happened to Tom Watson tonight? They didn't say what the criteria for determining participants actually was. If it was polling, I can think of a number of legitimate reasons why Watson might under poll. Maybe it was like basketball and he got suspended for a game for repeated interrupting or eating into other candidates' times. If so, look for Peggy Wilson to miss the next game.

Need to mention Beads to Bush.

The Army Corps of Engineers finally admitted that design failure caused the breach in the 17th Street Canal Levee. Hope that I'm wrong, but I have a feeling that we're about to see a smokescreen. It's been five months since that probe was announced and we haven't heard anything yet.

Finally, did Jimmy Smith watch Tommy Myers play? What's he mean that Tommy Myers had a serviceable career? I suppose Halle Berry's okay looking.

We made a change in message we suggest due to the admissions by the Army Corp yesterday. You can see that here...

Corps Admits Fault...Beads to Bush message changes

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