Thursday, April 13, 2006

Is There Something Wrong With the Severance Tax?

Ron Forman seems to think there is. The head of the environmentally conscious Audubon Nature Institute also seems to object to tying a company's IPTEP participation to its environmental record (scroll down to 4.7). He even seems to have a problem with the homestead exemption. Judging by his latest commercial, Forman seems to be bigger fan of the Industrial Property Tax Exemption than the Homestead Exemption.

Pardon the obvious hyperbole, but it's least as accurate as Forman's attack ad (Forman seems to be too embarrassed to include the ad on his website). Apparently when Couhig reached into his suit pocket and pulled out the sheet of paper that proved Landrieu was a communist, it gave Forman a bright idea. The idea didn't seem to include checking to see how LABI grades legislators. A glance at LABI's website (pdf)) shows that the main tax issues, as far as LABI is concerned, are the severance tax, the IPTEP and the homestead exemption. To LABI, votes to limit IPTEP (e.g. tie it to a company's environmental record) or increase the homestead exemption are votes for higher business taxes.

Admittedly, the homestead exemption issue is complicated, but it would be nice to see someone ask Forman his opinion on it, or his views on IPTEP and severance taxes. If he doesn't agree with LABI on its three pet tax issues, it's thoroughly dishonest of him to run that commercial.

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