Monday, April 17, 2006

If you saw tonight's debate, you might have noticed that one of the opening sound bites repeated a common myth about New Orleans. Seymour D. is definitely correct that it's one of those seemingly minor misconceptions (amount of Katrina aid and soaring crime rates caused by Katrina evacuees also come to mind) that contribute to a totally distorted national perception.

Had planned on posting about today's article about the dead zone (the one in the Gulf, not the Stephen King novel), but really nothing to add to what Right Hand Thief and 2Millionth Web Log have already posted. Take the time to read at least one, especially if you live another part of the country and somehow found yourself reading this.

Update: Didn't recognize the voice in the intro, apparently it was Utah's Bob Bennett. Unfortunately, Matthews' opening question was only about rebuilding a city that's below sea level, not 10' below. Would have been a better chance for a candidate to correct the myth, or for them all to drop the ball. Watson should have read my post last Thursday, he only used the levees of mass destruction line once and he used it lamely.

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