Thursday, April 20, 2006

Funniest Quote of the Campaign

Well not quite the funniest, but pretty funny:

When someone affiliated with the Gambit has something nice to say about a member of the GOP, immediately put a hand on your wallet as the high-brow weekly is decidedly, and not too infrequently obnoxiously, liberal. This week’s issue where the politically progressive paper endorses the candidacy of Mitch Landrieu for mayor also contains a cartoon that vilifies the GOP.
my emphasis

Source of the quote: a Forman campaign email, or a link on a Forman campaign email:

The Couhig - Landrieu Conspiracy

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We thought you would be interested in excerpts from an Editorial today in the Bayou Buzz

April 20, 2006
The New Orleans Mayor´s Elections Gambit
A BayouBuzz Editorial by Michael Baham

(Michael Baham is the youngest elected member of the Republican State Central Committe. Baham's writings have appeared in the New York Times, Gambit, the Times Picayune, and his weekly column on political events is a regular feature on

Excerpts from the BayouBuzz editorial (link to full story below)

".....So why is voting for Rob Couhig, the most unapologetically aggressive candidate in the race for mayor, such a bad idea?....

Because a vote for Couhig is in effect a wasted vote..


"...Since there is no chance of Couhig making a runoff, a vote for the bombastic Republican businessman is in essence a vote for a Landrieu-Nagin runoff, as ballots cast for Couhig would likely go to Forman, whose message and credentials are attractive to GOP voters ....."


"...Forman earned his spurs in the community not in the field of politics but by putting together world-class family attractions. Forman has much to show for his thirty-plus years with the zoo.

The same cannot be said for Landrieu during his time in office. While he casts himself as a reformer and his personal integrity cannot be questioned, Landrieu has been in office since 1987 yet he refuses to accept any responsibility for the sordid state of politics in New Orleans...."


"...On April 22nd, the voters of New Orleans have two real choices: they can support a charismatically challenged man who would truly represent the fresh start city residents claim they want or they can punt to a May runoff between Nagin, who tries to be all things to all people, and Landrieu, a man with one eye on his sister's re-election in 2008 and his other on a future run for governor."

"....This election is too important for Republicans to be duped by a liberal journalist into "writing Couhig's name in the snow" to the benefit of the Landrieu clan."


Click here to read the entire Editorial

Forman approvingly quotes someone who calls Gambit high-brow? See why I'm so baffled at the mainstream respect that BayouBias gets? Hard to say which is funnier, calling Gambit high-brow or calling Gambit obnoxiously liberal. The cartoon, of course, refers to This Modern World. For somebody who's so involved with GOPUSA to smear Gambit for an association with Tom Tomorrow, well, what can I say? Other than, he brags about his association with GOPUSA, and that he supported Wilson a week earlier.

Seems like he slipped up and forgot he's a Democrat now. Oops!
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