Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bob Schieffer Used To Be A Liberal

Not really, but Tim Graham of the National Review and The Media Research Center said that he was:

Once again, the Republicans mysteriously agreed to four debates with four liberal-media moderators, and whatever Charles Gibson provided in the second, surprisingly balanced, townhall-style debate, Bob Schieffer took back in a shockingly slanted performance in the final match-up.

They really are shameless, does anybody believe for one minute that Tim Graham didn't know that Schieffer's brother had been Bush's business partner, or that Schieffer himself had been Bush's frequent guest in the owner's box at Texas Rangers games. Of course not, but we'll now hear Graham and his ilk cry about the moderate Schieffer being replaced by the liberal Couric. We'll probably even hear all about how she called Reagan an airhead!

I like the TV commercial for the new Reagan dime. "Americans are clamoring for the new Reagan dime! For a limited time this .999 pure silver dime is only $10 + shipping." What a deal, since the molds will be destroyed after they make 8 billion of them.
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