Sunday, March 05, 2006

Update: Egg on My Face Time. Somebody just pointed out to me that I wasn't paying attention when I read DPB, the editorial was from the Wash. Times, not the Wash. Post. Feel both relieved and embarrassed. Wouldn't feel right about just expunging any record of my error. And after that petty comment on Ray's blog back in January, I told myself to start watching what I post on weekends.

I see via da po'blog that the Washington Post has been whoring for the Bush administration. I've only got two words to say to the editors of the WAPO, Anticipating Rita. When the editorial board of the Post decides to make nice with the Bush administration, they really do things that only the Rude Pundit could describe.

The Washington press corps condemned Clinton for two semantic evasions (that I recall, both on the same subject), how many will they condone from this administration? To put it another way, can anyone still deny the double standard?

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