Tuesday, March 07, 2006

To add to that last post, at the very least we need some outside testing of the repair work almost immediately. Beyond that, we need a clear statement of how much has been committed for exactly what repairs. Beyond that, we need a clear answer on whether the administration believes that's all that's required long term. Finally there's the question of whether the repairs will make some areas as safe as they were believed to be, or as safe as they turned out to be. If it's the latter, that leads to questions about rebuilding in St. Bernard, the Lower Ninth Ward and New Orleans. Who wants to be the one to tell people they need to wait even longer to rebuild? How long can a community wait to rebuild without dying? Where do the residents live in the meantime? The list could get pretty long.

I was somewhat disappointed at how little national attention the story received. NBC nightly news had a short piece, but no prominent mention on any of the network news websites. Couldn't find any mention of it on any of the major liberal bloggers,that theoretically get the media's attention. Didn't even see it mentioned on the second tier sites that I checked--including one blogger who spent time here and mentions the subject frequently. Did see it mentioned on a new blog that I first came across on her site. I was hoping that it if the media ignored it at first, the big blogs that the media pays attention to might have noticed.

Locally, I have to wonder about the Times Picayune. Today, it published a second Washington Post article that defended the levee repairs, but it never published the first article that criticized the repairs. But, I don't want to go on another anti-T/P rant.

In addition to the Polimom piece that I mentioned,Gulf Sails, humid haney and Suspect Device all have good posts on the subject. From Suspect Device, I see that at least one of the second tier (in terms of readership, certainly not quality) that I was talking about noticed. Should have mentioned 2Millionth Web Log. Apologies to anyone that I left out as of 11:00 Tuesday morning.

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