Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some Election Related Emails

A friend sent me a link to Anybody But Batt

Personally, I don't like Batt, I lived around the corner from Stuart Hall at the time of the school expansion and it was obvious before the vote that the school administration knew that it had Batt in its pocket.

Now here's the biggie:

Vote for Ron in the Bayou Buzz Online Mayor's Campaign Poll!

Dear Friends:

The Bayou Buzz is conducting a new online poll for the Mayor's Race. Last week, Ron beat out Mitch Landrieu by 31% to 25%. Virginia Boulet, Ray Nagin and Peggy Wilson all scored 9%. "Others" came in third with 12%.

You can take the poll through Sunday, March 26 at 11:59 P.M.

Help us show New Orleans that Ron is the leading candidate by taking the poll today!

Click here now to take the poll!

And, be sure to forward his email to your family and friends who support Ron.

Thanks for your help!

Forman for Mayor
Campaign Team

Yes, I'm on Forman's mailing list. I can't fault him for sending out emails trying to pack forums with his supporters or trying to skew unscientific polls; despite its obvious slant, local pundits do take BayouBias seriously. To me, it would be news if anyone other than Forman, Wilson, or Couhig came out on top of that poll. Still, I can imagine commentators like Clancy using a strong Forman showing as a sign that he's gaining momentum, perhaps becoming the strongest alternative to Nagin. If you don't want to hear about Forman's momentum, you know what to do. Actually, I voted once each for Boulet and Watson, because I'd like to see both get taken more seriously.

Finally, it's not directly election related, but it's a subject of importance to me:



Our jobs, Our community and Our city are on the line!

It’s time to stand up, get organized and fight back!

3,000 city workers laid off!

Public jobs being handed over to private pockets!

No plan to bring our workers back!

THURSDAY, MARCH 23rd 6:00 P.M.



I've never actually met anybody from the organization involved, so I can't vouch for it. I also don't know what goes on in other departments, but in my department (the public library),the layoff and rehiring decisions were marked by apparent favoritism masked by excessive secrecy that turned into dishonesty, all caused by sheer laziness on the part of the top administrators. Actually, I should watch what I say. I can't say that the city librarian actually lied to the staff, he chose his words with a degree of care that the president would envy.

Not that I'd expect anyone to actually care, I was leery of totally doing away with civil service rules or giving charter school principals unregulated hiring and firing power before Katrina, but I can still see some need to move in that direction. If anyone actually cares about the details, just email me.

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