Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Remember that article about the company that offered to pay the city to haul off abandoned cars? Now we find out that the city not only turned down the offer, it chose the most expensive of 14 contract offers to remove the cars. So a city that can't afford to provide basic services, is paying $1,000 per car to have the abandoned vehicles removed. There's more:

More spending matters could arise when the second half of the car job is being considered.

In the short term, the city is simply inking a deal with CH2M Hill to cart off the cars and warehouse them. Future work, on the other hand, will involve a second contract that includes the remediation and recycling of environmentally hazardous materials and then the scrapping of the cars. In theory, the city could make some money back at that point, but the outline of that contract hasn’t even been sketched out yet, let alone advertised, officials said.

Or, the city could end up paying more at that point. I guess it's hard to campaign for re-election and worry about little details like millions of dollars at the same time.

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