Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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Dear Members,

The leaders of the House Appropriations Committee have stripped Bush's
request for 4.2 billion for housing recovery. Meanwhile, the National
Science Foundation has discovered that the Corps of Engineers ignored
weather data since 1972 showing they needed to build higher levees to
protect New Orleans from stronger storms.

The federal government is responsible for the death and destruction
that metro New Orleanians suffered! We cannot sit back and accept these
decisions! Check your email and www.levees.org tomorrow morning!
Originally, we planned a demonstration, but not now!!! Now, we will

Put 504-269-2650 into your phone memory. Check it if you won't have
internet access tomorrow. We will protest between 2-4pm. Be checking
for the location because Bush will be in town and we will be ready!!!!

Sandy Rosenthal

Hi, my name is Wakako. I am a student from Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, CA). Group of students is working on project for New Orleans....and we're focusing on Lower 9th ward. In a nut shell, using our proposal, we are trying to encourage displaced residents of lower 9th ward to be involved in decision making and rebuilding process. We're updating daily activities on our blog: http://projectlowerninth.blogspot.com
If you have time, please check out what we're doing;) we're trying to spread the word that we're doing this!!!to original lower 9th residents.
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