Friday, March 17, 2006

Obligatory St. Pat's Post

Free Moldy City T-Shirt to whomever comes up with the best explanation for these lyrics:

In my blue heaven
There's a bottle of Pontchetrain
Chalmette by moonlight
To take away the pain

That's assuming that I ever start printing the shirts, of course. It's making the even bigger assumption that anybody would want one. I know the Pogues played here a few times (think it was 1988 when I saw them at Tip's), but does anybody know of any close connection between the Irish band and New Orleans, da parish rather.

Since the song's older than the winery, it's probably safe to assume that "bottle of Ponchetrain" is meant metaphorically.

You mean McGowan's lyrics are supposed to make sense? Damn, I must have missed that memo. I'm going to have to get seriously liquored up tonight and play the Pogues until I figure them all out or pass out, whichever comes first.
Nah, but when I first heard it, back before you could look up lyrics online, I had to replay it a few times to make sure I heard an Irish band mention Chalmette.
I just left one about another McGowanism but it's on the wrong post. I think the one guy who can explain "It's comin' up three boys" on If I Fall is full of shit. Yeah, it's consistent with the adjacent versus but it's not what they say, and what is printed on the CD liner notes.

I heard somewhere McGowan had a high old time in NOLA once upon a time, but I have no source for that.
Unfortunately, I only had the Pogues on cassette and they all, except "Peace and Love" (not my favorite), have been lost, stolen or ruined over the years. I've been meaning to replace them with CD's.

Drowning would seem consistent with the rest, but I don't recall the liner notes (if the cassette had them) and I still haven't seen the documentary. sorry I couldn't help.

Not surprising that we both posted about the Pogues on ST. Pat's--obviously my post was an easy throwaway and yours was thought out, but did you think of mentioning any eighties bands on Valentine's? I was thinking of The Gun Club or Jeffrey Lee Pierce solo.
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