Thursday, March 02, 2006

Important Info on Helping Unemployed Hurricane Victims

That was the subject line of an email I just received. Rest of the email:

I just learned from that 140,000 workers from the Gulf Coast who lost their jobs because of Katrina are about to be cut off from unemployment benefits. The current deadline is this Saturday, March 4th. Two weeks ago the Senate passed a bill to extend these benefits, but the House is just sitting on it. It's shameful.
Please join me in calling on our representatives to take a stand, and in helping get the word out to others. It takes only a moment.
Color of Change
We shouldn't have to ask the House of Representatives to vote--at the last minute--on a bill which provides something as basic as unemployment assistance for survivors of one of the worst disasters in this country's history. But apparently we do.
Without jobs in the Gulf Coast, and with many Katrina survivors still trying to find stability elsewhere, it is outrageous to cut off support to people who lost their jobs because of the storm. Please join's campaign. It takes only a minute and can make a huge difference for thousands of families from the Gulf.
Color of Change

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