Saturday, March 25, 2006

I wasn't able to post much last week, but there were a couple of small items that I wanted to mention.

On Friday the 17th, the Picayune ran an editorial in which it said:

Then there are local problems. The Canal-Carrollton intersection has been repaired, for example, but the power isn't on. An Entergy spokeswoman said the company is waiting for a notice from the city. That's ridiculous; by now the power company and local officials should have their act together.

Did anybody else notice how quickly (after the editorial ran) that traffic light started working? It would be hard to argue that increased transparency would slow down the city's recovery.

$10B is a lot of money, but I found this story interesting. That's a lot of money for what may be a gamble, but if CH2M Hill offered to do the job for $10B...

It's probably way too early to get excited about a lawsuit over flood damages, but you've got to love the sound of this:

A suit seeking to have a judge decide whether hurricane damage in the New Orleans area was a problem caused by man or an "act of God" has been moved to New Orleans federal court.


Polozola also ruled that the Louisiana insurance commissioner should not be a defendant in the case and just three insurance companies — State Farm, Allstate and American — will remain as defendants.

At issue is the cause of damage to property during the hurricane. Most homeowners insurance policies say they do not cover damage caused by flooding. However, some attorneys have contended that since New Orleans was flooded by levee breaches, the damage was man-made and should be covered.

I'm not expecting much, if anything, to come of it, still it could cause the insurance companies to pressure the Republican congress on behalf of Louisiana. Nice thought, but I guess The Assassin never turned on The Angel back during the glory days of The Rock Hunter Organization, when wrestling was real.

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