Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Couple of Worthy Causes

Didn't see this email on time for the rally, but the link is still good, as well as the idea about calling the governor.

A site dedicated to getting the state to move from tents back home to provide real healthcare to the stuggling people of New Orleans after Katrina. The taxpayor owned Charity Hospital is in New Orleans, Louisiana and the Governor is our employee. As employers we say open the hospital. Call Governor Blanco tell her to end the suffering and save some lives open the hospital, she has the power. 1-866-366-1121 Concerned for Charity Hospital

Rally tomorrow at Charity Hospital 2pm to save the hospital bringing back medical care for the poor, quality medical educational resources, and jobs. Please come share your support for a hospital that while not perfect did save thousands of lives over the years. Bloggers please link to

I don't know if the ad for appeared in the online edition of today's Picayune, it's full page ad on A-28 of the print edition. It's nice to see somebody mention Jeff Bingaman on the subject of offshore royalties. We've been too inclined to give Democrats a free pass, because it's the Republicans who control the purse strings. It's a hell of a lot harder to pressure the GOP if the ranking Democrat on the Senate Energy Committee doesn't back you, no matter what his reasons are. Pat myself on the back time: I have mentioned him in comments on national blogs since at least the first week of December.

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