Monday, February 20, 2006

I can't be the only blogger who's been tempted to have a post a week making fun of stupid letters to the editor; that would be too easy. Had to love that recent one about not consolidating the assessors' offices because it would mean that some people would have to fight bridge traffic to drop off their homestead exemptions, though.

Friday's paper had one that deserved attention for positive reasons. It was from somebody in the Mississippi River Basin Alliance, brought up a question I hadn't considered:

I asked about whether the system of continuous levees across the coast envisioned in the Barrier Plan would work at cross purposes with deltaic restoration, and whether, given the time and expense required to complete it, this was the best approach to pursue.

Here's the link to the group's website.

On a totally different note: was I the only person who laughed at the opening two words of The DaVinci Code : "renowned curator?" So how many times today have you heard the term "legendary sportscaster?" I know that's going to get groans and I know that Curt Gowdy was a great guy and great at his job, but "renowned curator", "legendary sportscaster?" Maybe some of us can aspire to "illustrious blogger" after all.

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