Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A link for that item I mentioned in yesterday's Picayune. From the Houma Courier actually (AP story):

Mathews said he worries that a "national obsession" with New Orleans will cost Mississippi its fair share of federal aid, private investment and help from volunteers.

Ricky Matthews is the publisher of the Gulfport Sun Herald. Actually, the article by itself wouldn't be that alarming, I just wish the publisher of the Gulfport paper would worry about the fact that Bush seems to be making false claims about how much aid each state is receiving(see da po'blog as well as this earlier post)rather than which state is getting its fair share.

Would it be adding to the La. vs. Ms. rancor to point out that La. is getting the worse deal by any honest measure? Of course it would be, but how does one not?

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