Saturday, December 03, 2005

First came across this item on Blageur yesterday. If you've forgotten, Boustany did a little flip-flopping on Katrina back in Sept. (links here and here ). Funny how Mr. Boustany's perspective changed when the damage occurred in his own district.

In all honesty, when I started this blog, I wanted to vent about innacurate press coverage(esp. coverage that made it easier to shift blame from the federal to the state or local level) while remaining as non-partisan as possible. But, it just seems obvious that after allegations of cronyism arose about the awarding of reconstruction contracts, the national GOP began to back away from its commitment to reconstruction. In fact, that much is obvious: the federal government was pressured to open up the bidding process and the commitment to reconstruction waned. The only honest question is whether I'm committing the post hoc, ergo prompter hoc logical fallacy in connecting the two facts.

For years now, there's been talk of conflict between so called "big government" conservatives and fiscal conservatives within the Republican Party. Since Bush was elected, the "big government" conservatives have won every major spending battle. Now they seem ready to concede this one without a fight, it may well have no connection to the fact that it now appears that reconstruction won't be a patronage gravy train. Whatever the reason, the fiscal conservatives seem to have won the one battle they should have lost. That being the case, I can't see what good Mr. Boustany or the La. GOP can do for the state of Louisiana.

The discipline of Karl Rove's political machine is very impressive. Poor Boustany, i guess this is the first time he's been ordered to turn on his constituents if he is going to survive in Washington.
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