Friday, November 04, 2005

Been waiting all week for someone to comment on CNN's "security analyst's" appearance on Tuesday's situation room. So far, not even Media Matters seems to find it noteworthy that CNN merely bills as a security analyst someone whose official bio says "Falkenrath was named acting deputy homeland security advisor in January 2003 before being appointed to the deputy position three months later. He joined the White House's Office of Homeland Security in October 2001 as special assistant to the president and senior director for policy and plans. Before that he was the director for proliferation strategy on the National Security Council and a member of the National Security Council transition team for President Bush and Vice President Cheney" He did allow that "I, as you know, served in the White House during this time" But you would've had to have listened carefully to hear it (I had to check the transcripts to notice). Disclosure maybe, but hardly full disclosure.

Considering that he said "I thought today's action by the Senate Democrats was really surprising, was unseemly, and it was sad." then added (of the Roberts' report): "The first phase report was a very good report, one of the best investigations by a congressional committee that I've ever read." You think it might have been relevant to mention that he had personal reasons to praise a report that blamed the intelligence failure on "group think" rather than "the politics of pressure?" Or that he might not want to see a true bi-partisan investigation?

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