Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Atrios linked to this item earlier today. Not much to add; it seemed that the death toll virtually stopped climbing much faster than it should have, even with the search called off.

One has to wonder if we'll see the toll jump by 517 in the near future. I've yet to see any follow up to stories like this or this in either the local or national media. The fact that there haven't been any protests from family would lead one to think that it's a nonstory, but family members would also be scattered and without resources. Usually, even nonstories turn up something on a Google search, not in this case. If the prisoners were all accounted for, one would have expected a press release to that effect.

One can hope that they all escaped and the Criminal Sheriff's Office doesn't want the embarrassment. One could further hope that they all escaped and that they were all nonviolent offenders; it's really not that unlikely. But apparently one couldn't hope that the heroes in the local media would look into the matter.

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