Thursday, March 21, 2024

What "they" are we talking about

The greatest trick the rich ever pulled was putting the blame on the old. I'll return to this subject over the weekend (I intend to start blogging again), but I'll starting by adding links to a couple of comments that I made on Youtube today. I agree with most of what Eric Weinstein says in this video, but I take strong exception to part of what he says. I will go into more detail when I resume blogging this weekend, but for I only have time to add a couple of links to my Youtube comments
I mostly agree with Weinstein but come on man you were born in 1965 -- one year removed from being a boomer. Don't know what circumstances you grew up in, but you're part of the elite now. It's almost like there's #don'tblamemyclass(blametheirgeneration) movement to shift blame from the rich to the old. I actually don't think Weinstein's part of it, but even he is susceptible to their propaganda. Seriously, for somebody one year from being a boomer to think clearly defined generations having any meaning is surprising. Look up the 2013 Frontline special "Two American Families." The parents in both families are a couple of years older than Eric, i.e. they're boomers. Elite Eric wants to blame things on them. Are you kidding me? F***ing boomerism is "Oh Dearism pt. 3" see Adam Curtis "Oh Dearism" pt.1 & esp. pt. 2. I agree with him about globalization, etc., but Milton Friedman BORN 1912 did more than anybody else to sell it as a vital part of free market capitalism. I guess it was a "silent" (Jack Welch) who really got it going in business.
I added a second comment:
My reply to clarify my previous comment seems to have disappeared so I'll try again. I probably should not have called him "Elite Eric" but it chaps my ass when people who went to Ivy League schools (or expensive private universities) a few years (or even decades) after I went to a commuter school point the finger of a blame at a group that excludes themselves. Weinstein's right that they sold us globalization, but Weinstein comes much the closer to being a part of the "they"* that sold it than people like the parents in the Frontline Special that I mentioned (Two American Families). I otherwise agree with him, but I have to question his assignment of blame based on generational labels. The greatest trick the rich ever pulled was putting the blame on the old.
*When I made that comment, I didn't realize that Weinstein had gone from being a physicist to working for Peter Thiel's hedge fund, so he actually is part of the "they" that benefits from globablization.

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