Monday, June 13, 2011


From The New York Review of Books:
Cassandra Among the Banksters
June 23, 2011
Benjamin M. Friedman

The banksters, as some people have taken to calling them, have had a mixed run lately.1
1 I first encountered the word in John Lanchester's I.O.U. (Simon and Schuster, 2010).

Is he serious? A writer for the New York Review, a professor of Political Economy at Harvard, first encountered the word "bankster" in a book that was published in 2010. Is that possible?

On the other hand:

The National Journal reports:
Ron Paul, the Texas congressman who has run for president before, did little to shake his image as a fringe candidate by talking too fast and dropping obscure subjects like “Keynesian bubble" and “monetary policy" into the conversation.

Is it possible that "Washington's premier source of nonpartisan insight on politics and policy" considers "monetary policy" an obscure subject?

I know, if you read blogs, you've seen that kind of thing pointed out a zillion on the Internet, but sometimes the unintentional self-parody is impossible to ignore.

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