Friday, May 21, 2010

Glad I won't have to worry about sitting in the shade

I was overjoyed this morning to see a crew trimming the branches of an oak tree next to Bayou St.John in the vicinity of Toulouse St. I assume they trimmed all the oaks along that small stretch, and that's a good thing. If you were thinking of skipping Bayou Boogaloo for fear that you might get stuck sitting in the cool shade on a comfortably sunny day, don't worry, the city's taken the proper steps to ensure that doesn't happen.

As a matter of fact, when our new mayor reorders the city's priorities, I hope he understands the great importance of protecting us from the menace of a return to pre-Katrina shade levels. I don't care what any bleeding heart, liberal tree-lovers say.

It was a private company, but I assume the city paid. The city seems to have contracted all that work to private companies since the Flood. There also no power lines near by. Not the first time I've noticed trees on city (or City Park or Audubon Institute) property being trimmed even though they posed no threat to power lines or anything else that I could see. It does make me curious about what kind of contracts these companies have. Not insinuating anything corrupt, but probably not well thought out.
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