Friday, November 13, 2009

I wonder

Was somebody just talking about me?

You are pretty "terrifying"
I've really got to go back and edit that May 2006 post, but it was difficult to do without a transcript or videotape. Who does LaBorde think he is expressing outrage at the nerve of anonymous bloggers for expressing scorn when "informed sources" engage in uninformed speculation and reach dubious conclusions on important issues. I know that bloggers get a little carried away with their pot shots at the media, but am I the only person who thinks the rapprochement between local bloggers and the local media is almost getting to be nauseating, especially considering how much the local media has gotten wrong or ignored over the last eight years?
No you're not the only one. I think the best thing bloggers do (if they do anything worthwhile) is point out how incomplete or downright crappy the professional media can be. I think media criticism (even when it's obnoxious or snarky or even (gasp) anonymous) is useful to readers and should be useful to professional media persons... if they maybe exercised a little introspection from time to time... or in some cases just knew how not to be assholes.
As far as Erroll Laborde goes, he can rest assured that his "real tv station" will get to continue to cover the Rex ball for as long as it wants to.
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