Thursday, February 26, 2009

F*** Chris Matthews

Rush job, articles that I had quoted in the past are no longer available online, so I found myself imitating a conservative Shreveport professor.

I don't often defend Bobby Jindal, but Chris Matthews' comments were way out of line Tuesday night. Others have criticized Chris Matthews far more effectively than I ever could, but I've heard similar comments from other quarters. Couldn't find a transcript, but the offensive comments are very early in the clip:

So, a state that the federal government has been ripping off for years, decades actually, should be grateful for the federal government's generosity?

I'll have to add a few paragraphs after work, but a few more things for Chris Matthews, or anybody else making similar comments, to consider.

About the only similarity that I can see between Katrina aid and the stimulus package is that Republicans, who normally claim that "tax relief" pays for itself, count the cost of tax credits and tax relief when computing the total tab of both.

Matthews is a gravel faced moron.
When Louisiana consistently gets more money in federal disbursements than it pays in federal income tax (the latest figure is $1.78 for every $1 it pays) -- and this doesn't count billions in hurricane recovery money (whether you like how it's being spent is another matter) -- it's pretty ballsy to say the federal government "raids" Louisiana. If Louisiana paid 1-to-1 on federal incoem tax versus federal disbursements, the oil royalties still wouldn't be enough to cover the difference.

Also: considering how the state is governed by the Good Old Boys Network, I'd really love to see how the Good Old Boys would manage offshore drilling and its revenues if we simply shoveled the money directly into Baton Rouge.

That would be almost as fun to watch as an election between a Republican whoremonger with a diaper fetish sparing against a Republican porn star.
Could it be Chris Matthews is now stlaking Rush Limbaugh? Our security cam image seems to show Chris Matthews, but we're not sure. Mysterious blonde stalking Rush Limbaugh. Could it be Chris Matthews?
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