Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm so jealous

When you hear of Shreveport's Mardi Gras feativities, you don't automatically think of donning a Kevlar vest, dodging inebriated masses and elbowing for position as you cover your children's eyes from the vulgarities of other venues. In Northwest Louisiana, it's more a tailgating-with-the-family affair that runs the gamut from the krewes of Gemini and Centaur and their big parades to off-the-wall events like the smaller but ever-growing Highland Parade and Barkus & Meoux, a krewe that reaches so deeply into family that it centers around pets.
Shreveport's Forum Newsweekly

Wow, somebody in Shreveport really didn't like Mardi Gras in Mobile. In case you needed to ask, Barkus and Meoux is six years younger than the original.

Yes but do they have Sheena Easton?
Posted that in a hurry and forgot all about you and Oyster. A joke along those line occurred to me as I was leaving the house for the evening.
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