Monday, January 05, 2009

From this week's Gambit

Congratulations to Karen Gadbois for being named one of Gambit's New Orleanians of the Year.

It seems to me that Jeremy Alford is awfully cavalier in his use of the term "conspiracy theory:"
In particular, former Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco, a Democrat, offers up a GOP conspiracy theory in one interview. She says Bush was getting slammed "nationally and internationally" for his handling of Katrina during those early, desperate days after landfall, and an executive decision was made to shift the blame. "[Bush's] political office decided that another scapegoat had to be identified," Blanco says. "And they identified me in that instance." She adds that an entire media campaign was crafted around the mission. "The message du jour was to go after Blanco," the former governor says. "She's expendable. She's a woman." Blanco also says national reporters tipped her off that Karl Rove, Bush's top political advisor, was personally making phone calls to float stories about her decision-making and suggests the White House even leaned on The Washington Post to run unflattering stories on its front page that were overly critical of her handling of Katrina's aftermath.

Somebody needs a history lesson.

This week's commentary closes with:
Finally, last year, we wrote that Mayor Ray Nagin "should try to get through an entire year without saying something that embarrasses his city." Some resolutions are worth repeating. Hope springs eternal.

I'd like to suggest that the city's (needed) alternative weekly resolve to stop acting like the mayor's biggest problem is his tendency to stick his foot in his mouth and start concentrating on secrecy and an inability to set spending priorities.

Among the changes I've noticed in the recent Gambit redesign is that they appear to have dropped the "Because New Orleans needs an alternative" tagline.

I don't know how to feel about that. I generally don't care to be told what I need but I will probably miss having something to rib them for.

Other than the occasional botched reporting that is.
I love Gambit...especially those ads for massages and private meetings and stuff.

I think the Times Picayune needs to add an adult section. What u think Ba Ba Bayou?
I don't know D-BB, I don't think I'd want to waste my time on an adult section that anybody at the Picayune edited. That Dave Walker guy's so boring that he'd probably write about the continuing education classes that local universities offer. And that movie critic, Mike Scott, yesterday he wrote about "Inkheart" without mentioning Helen Mirren's bikini photos. How can you write anything about Helen Mirren without saying that she's a sixty year old that you happily hop in bed with? Maybe if they hired you to be adult editor.
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