Monday, December 29, 2008


Times Picayune, Dec. 27, 2008:
With the smoke barely cleared from recent battles for Congress and district attorney, the next big political contest looms: the 2010 mayor's race in New Orleans.
So far, only two candidates -- state Sen. Ed Murray and state Rep. Austin Badon, both Democrats -- are actively campaigning.

Times Picayune, Nov. 11, 2006:
On Friday, several speakers, including state Sen. Ed Murray and state Reps. Austin Badon and Cedric Richmond, urged the City Council to approve the contracts with the two African-American-owned trash haulers, Alvin Richard and Jimmie Woods, who were described as 'home-grown" businessmen.

When I questioned Cedric Richmond's endorsement of the sanitation contracts in a comment at Your Right Hand Thief, A Richmond supporter replied:
Here is a direct quote: "Metro and Richards disposal are both located in my district and SDT is another local business. They were all the most responsive bidders and followed the rules. In the end the council praised their work and all voted for it."

Part of the scandal is that the RFP was worded in such a way that they were the only responsive bidders. That would certainly explain why Richards Disposal felt that it could charge Orleans Parish more per unit (22% more) than Jefferson Parish. But, I don't expect Badon, Murray and Richmond to defend the sanitation contracts. In November of 2006, they all took time away from their duties as state legislators dealing with Katrina recovery issues to pressure the city council to approve the expensive sanitation contracts. Are we really supposed to believe that sanitation contracts in New Orleans were more important than anything they had to deal with in Baton Rouge?

ahhh the times-picayune archives...
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