Friday, November 14, 2008

As a matter of fact, Veronica White is a liar.

When I read that the mayor's email threatened legal action against Stacy Head for stating the obvious fact that Veronica White wasn't telling the truth, I thought of a scene from Spartacus. If the mayor's threatening legal action against anyone who calls Ms. White a liar, I'm calling Veronica White a liar. Before I ask anybody else to join a chorus, I'll have to lay out the case that any reasonable person would conclude that White is an untrustworthy public official. I'll try to get that done by the end of the weekend. Looking at the links to some old posts, it should be a piece of cake. As I've said before, the last thing either the mayor or his sanitation director wants is a public examination of her integrity.

In the meantime, I'll direct your attention to Star's comment on a recent post:
Veronica White has a huge attitude. I worked on her work computer and found that most of the day was used to surf the internet, and pull up websites about Whitney Houston. She has repeatedly lied about the monthly reports and now trying to cover her tracks. Lets see if she gets a slap on the hand.

I normally don't like to draw attention to anonymous comments unless they contain information that can be verified, but that goes so well with Big Red Cotton's piece about Veronica White that I couldn't resist.

I'll also remind you that the consultant that the city council hired for advice on ways to cut city spending is involved in a partnership with Metro Disposal. I don't like it one bit. It also underscores the difficulty in tracking the campaign contributions of the city's sanitation contractors. Schroeder does a great job, but SDT, Metro and Richards (and their owners) have numerous business partners and subcontractors who also make campaign contributions.

I agree with you on Veronica White!
Very nice points!
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