Sunday, September 14, 2008

How James Carter Can Win My Vote

I recently received the following in an email from a local neighborhood group:
Urgent Action Needed!

(Please forward this to your friends who love New Orleans.)

See this alarming article from Friday's Times-Picayune, below, and this letter from Matt McBride who inspired the story. The creation of the citizen-driven Neighborhood Conservation District Committee was an important reform measure by the current City Council. That process is now being shoved aside.

The City Council should declare its own "state of emergency" - about how legitimate city processes are being gutted by the Mayor.

Please e-mail your City Councilmembers to urge them to stop this breathtaking abuse….


Matt McBride's letter can be found at Squandered Heritage; more about Nagin's abuse of power can be found at the PRC's website.

Since Democrats around the country are fed up with spineless representatives who are afraid to stand up to presidents who engage in naked power grabs, and the mayor and city council are analogous to the president and congress, James Carter has an opportunity to demonstrate that he's what most Democrats are looking for in a congressman. That's unfair to the other candidates, but life is often unfair. It's equally unfair to Carter that he's the only candidate with the opportunity to prove himsel to be a spineless jellyfish. If he won't stand up to an unpopular mayor, he's hardly likely to stand up a dictatorial president. He's already looking a little bit suspect in that regard, but he has a great chance to make up for that.

So, I second the exhortation to email your council members, but, if you live in the 2nd Congressional District, I'd recommend that you email Carter, even if he's not your council member. Like I said in my comment on Karen's post, the 2009 budget hearings should start next month, so urge your council members to ask Nagin exactly how he wants those hearings to go. When she ran for an at-large position last year, Clarkson indicated a willingness to use the council's power over the budget to compel the mayor to act reasonably; time for her to show that her tough talk wasn't merely empty campaign posturing.

Not that I'm delusional enough to expect anybody at WWL to care, but I'm still waiting for that follow-up story.

I wouldn't hold my breath, David. Carter is risk averse AND he supported the Mayor's re-entry policy. I'm not voting for him.
Carter requested there be do demolitions in his District till this issue is sorted out.

There will be a meeting of the Recovery Commitee to discuss Wednesday at 2
The demolitions have begun today in spite of Council request.
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