Thursday, August 30, 2007

Apropos of nothing in particular

Remember that Nagin commercial where he questioned why so many people were donating money to Landrieu? Well, if you meet any of these people...
People or businesses that have given money to the New Orleans mayor since his re-election

$5,000: Cahaba Disaster Recovery LLC, Charles A. Ramey DBA Whole Sale Salvage, Delta Testing and Inspection, Courtney Devall, Disaster Recovery Specialists LLC, DRC Emergency Services LLC, ECCPAC, Edward Lewis Revocable Trust, Elgin Sweeping Services Inc., Equipment Leasing LLC, Cary S. Goss, Heston LLC, Traci Hickingbottom, Gowri S. Kailas, Keith B. Key Enterprises LLC, Ronald M. Lamarque, Randall Technologies Inc., RVE LLC, Synthetic Mats Inc.

$4,000: Premier Concrete Products Inc.

$2,500: Acadian Ambulance Employee PAC, ACS State & Local Solutions Inc., All South Consulting Engineers, AME Services, Richard Bachmann, Baker Ready Mix LLC, Barowka & Bonura Engineers & Consultants, Brown Cunningham Gannuch, Walter Baudier, Burk Kleinpeter Inc., Berry Services Inc., Russell Burgdahl, Business Resource Consultants, Cannon Cochran Management Services, CBI Insurance & Care Management, CDM, Sylvia Dale Cochran, Compliance Envirosystems, Courtenay Hunter & Fontana, Covington Sales & Service Inc., Cox Communications, Digital Engineering & Imaging, Durr Heavy Construction LLC, Dwyer & Cambre APLC, Eustis Engineering Co Inc., Tim Favrot Jr., First American Title, Garry L. Lewis, Global Parking Systems, Godfrey firm, Gotech Inc., Halpern & Martin LLC, Hamp's Construction LLC, Harvey Electric Inc., Imre Hegedus, Helis Oil & Gas Co LLC, William Hickman, Imagine Software LLC, Julien Engineering & Consulting, Charles Kennedy, Krebs LaSalle Lemieux, Lake Forest Plaza, Lambert Engineers LLC, Legend Consulting Group LTD, Brenda G. Lewis, Liberty Bank & Trust Co., Linfield Hunter & Junius Inc., Lucky Dogs Airport LLC, Magnolia Holdings Inc., Mainland Asset Services LLC, Hugh McClain, Metro Disposal Inc., Meyer & Associates Inc., Montgomery Watson Harza, Moses Engineers, Murray Architects Inc., Nolmar Corporation, NY Associates, Omni Pinnacle LLC, Ozanne Construction Company Inc., PDM&A, Premier Automotive Management LLC, Preservation Partners, Professional Engineering Consultant Group, R P Fontcuberta, R. M. Development, Rahman & Associates Inc., Richard LambertConsultants, Greg Rigamer, Royal Engineers & Consultants, Rudy Smith Services Inc., Scheurmann & Jones, Schrenk & Peterson, Sewerage & Water Equipment Company, William Shane, Sizeler Architectural Group LLC, Southern Star Construction, Southern Strategy Group of Louisiana LLC, David B. St. Etienne, Frank Stewart, Stuart Consulting Group, Sunex Holding Co. LLC, Swanson & Associates, The Barnett Group of New Orleans, The Shops and Garage at Canal Place LLC, Three Fold Consultants LLC, Unified Recovery Group LLC, United Healthcare Corp., Urban Systems Associates Inc., David Voelker, Frank H. Walk, Yeates & Yeates Architects LLC, Lynell D. Zelenka, ZLN Holding LLC

$2,000: Peter A. Austen, Bell Investment Group & Consulting, Dr. Lorraine H. Brown, Bryson Constructors, The BWW Family Limited Partnership, Richard J. Fleder, H.C.O. Inc., Hartman Engineering Inc., Cleosie Kirkland, Herbert E. Long Jr., Republic Beverage Company, Edgar G. Rios, Dennis M. Ryan, Samuel Switzenbaum

$1,500: ENPAC Louisiana, Robert J. Isakson, Materials Management Group Inc., Keith D. Rosbury

$1,250: ATS Chester Engineers, Dr. John Calhoun, Carlton Charles, Rod Hill, Paula L. Maher, Emmit N. Richardson, Richardson Funeral Home of Jefferson.

$1,200: Barbara M. Eads

$1,000: Donald G. Bahouth, Bobby's Electric Inc., Castleark Inc., Coral Capital LLC, Randy Ewing, Stewart G. Fuzzell, Gootee Construction Inc., Robert Griffin, Illinois Governmental Consulting LLC, Infinity Engineering Consultants, James C. Kennedy, Donald Lambert, Diana Monroe Lewis, Materials Management Group Inc., William Nungesser, Premier Concrete Products Inc., Rebowe & Company, William F. Rinaldi, James Robbins, John Santopadre, Scott Smith, Mark Stafford

$750: Ronald Kaufman, Darrel Saizan & Associates Inc.

$500: Tom Bauer, Fred's Golf Pro Shop, Fulton Johnson Newman and Pittman Insurance, Laine Glisson, Eustis J. Guillemet, H & H Executive Management Inc., Integra Financial Services LLC, Catherine Packer, Wilbur T. Peer, Charles H. Prieur III, Edward Robinson, Arthur Silverman, William Mark Simmons, Aubry T. Temple, Benjamin Thompson

$300: Gus Fritchie

$250: Levon S. Boyagian, John Chavanne, Norvin Pellerin

$200: Eric Smith

$100: Bryan Chevrolet, Constance Harris

$15: David Tisdale

Greg Rigamer? The only intended insinuation is about his impartiality and objectivity when newspapers and TV stations question him about recovery issues.


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