Monday, April 16, 2007

A Question From A Reader

I was wondering if you caught what he said
towards the end of his speech in Washington about
people coming in to N.O and "buying some dirt" he
later states that the city will sell them this
property for below estimated value and you hire your
own appraiser. Am I wrong or is he basically
advocating fraud? I have not read anyone from the
Picayune touch on this subject.

That was from a friend who only recently found out that I have a blog. Hard to believe that the recent Nagin speech that caused such an uproar was only a month ago. The part of the speech (transcript) that my friend's referring to:
If you don’t hear nothing
else I say tonight, buy some dirt
in New Orleans, buy some dirt in
New Orleans. Real estate values
are going to go out the roof and you
need to be a part of that. We have
programs where you can buy adjudicated
and blighted properties for
half their appraised value and you
hire your own appraiser.
I’ve asked the city attorney if I can
participate in this program
she’s keeps saying no Mr. Mayor.

What was he getting at with the part about hiring your own appraiser? And why the F*** did he run for re-election if he's mainly interested in the business opportunities that reconstruction offers? The second question was intended to be rhetorical, but the first question is entirely serious. So, if anybody knows, please comment.

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