Saturday, March 24, 2007

A New Blog

I've decided against using this blog to republish old articles about Nagin that are either difficult to find or no longer available at I've decided instead to publish them at a new blog, The Nagin Files. I thought about getting cute and naming it something like "The Reformer Chronicles" or "(Elected a)Reformer Blues," but decided to make it easy to find instead. A hard to find blog consisting of hard to find articles would be somewhat silly.

It won't entirely consist of old Times Picayune articles that are no longer available online, but the main text will consist entirely of newspaper and magazine articles that appeared in print -- any commentary that I have will appear in the comments. As a matter of fact, the first post is a Louisiana Weekly that's still available online, but that everybody should read. The following is particularly noteworthy:
When this newspaper contacted Mr. Rodney and asked the simple question: who he was supporting and was the candidate Troy Carter, as the rumors alleged, it was his secretary who returned the telephone call in Rodney's place and said definitively that the attorney did not support Carter. So, this reporter responded, "Who is he supporting?"

The secretary said, "I can't tell you that."

"You can't tell me that? Why not?"

"I just can't?" she concluded, and implied that comment would be the last that Rodney would release to the press.

As strong as a political position as L.I.F.E. continues to hold in the Crescent City, there is an attitude held by many of the candidates this season that a strong connection to the Mayor is the political kiss of death, considering the reform attitude that prevails in the city today. One can observe this displayed in the lengths that the Pennington camp goes to separate itself from Mayor Morial and show the Chief's independence.

One source says that Rodney does indeed support his friend and business partner Ray Nagin, but one can never tell in the somewhat Byzantine atmosphere that has descended upon this year's fractured election.Just for the record, any implication or statement that this column might have made to connect Roy Rodney to Troy Carter is inaccurate, and we retract it.

I'll do some tweaking of the new blog like getting rid of the LexisNexis details and perhaps varying the titles of the posts, but I'm open to suggestions.

Do you have a account? Might help to tag and share your posts there as well.

This is a great idea, btw.
Thank you, and no, I don't have a account. I'll have to look into it. The first thing I'll have to do is modify the format, so that most of the post doesn't appear what without clicking "read the rest of this post." I'll do that tonoght hopefully. Too nice of a day to fool with technical stuff. As far as I'm concerned, more than two clicks makes something technical.
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