Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I realized today that I have access to LexisNexis at work. Since most of the links to the Times Picayune that appear in old posts no longer work and i can't find working links on Google, I'll reprint all or parts of several old articles over the next several days. I'll start with articles that demonstrate why the investigation of cronyism in the Nagin administration needs to go beyond the evil cabal in the technology office and why Charles Rice should not appear on a local television station as a political analyst. I have no idea whether Rice broke any laws as Nagin's CAO, but any in depth look at Nagin's Sanitation Department would lead to questions about Rice's conduct that members of the local media might not like asking of one of their colleagues. It's long past time to ask those questions, like the mayor said, there's even money in debris collection.

Excellent! Thank you.
As an aside, I'd add that this business with old links not working is annoying as hell. I would think that it would enhance their value as a website to maintain those links in perpetuity. Not to mention the service to the public.
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