Sunday, February 18, 2007


Yeah, I know it's Mardi Gras and nobody cares about politics, but this item from Saturday's paper needs to be noted:
State records list Nagin and his two sons, Jeremy and Jarin, as the investors in Stone Age Granite & Marble. An employee said Friday by phone that the store relocated several months ago to its new Earhart Boulevard address from another location.

Stone Age LLC was incorporated in January 2005, but the degree to which the mayor and his sons are involved in the enterprise is a mystery.

Asked for comment on the venture, Nagin replied by e-mail Friday that the questions were "out of bounds."

He said he would have no comment "on my personal investments that are totally outside of any city responsibilities."

Sounds reasonable enough, if Stone Age were being awarded city contracts, it would be a matter of public record. However it would be interesting to see Stone Age's client list, I wonder if it includes Richards Disposal or Metro Disposal. Or Raymond Canzoneri & Associates for that matter.

Rob Couhig really should speak up at that transparency claim of the mayor's that he lent his credibility to. That last link (from January of last year) is definitely worth reading:
Apparently, the building department has a contract to subcontract the electrical work. In other words, some connected official or contractor is going to get to make money off of another government contract where the city is basically at a loss for funds as it is.

Aside from the question of whether the mayor and his sons do business with people who do business with the city, one can't help but wonder how many businesses our travelling mayor has time for for.

Oh, since nobody else seems to want to say it, didn't anybody notice anything about the date of the Danziger Bridge incident? The September 4, 2005 date means that things were still that chaotic six days after the hurricane, but everybody knows, or should know, that. But does anybody remember when C ray began his post-Katrina travels? September 7th. I remember when it was that I started to hate Jarvis DeBerry, when he wrote a column saying that Douglas Brinkley criticized Nagin for crying.

the devil is in the details my old cherokee grandmother used to say.

keep they feet to the fire rick in gentilly say.

happy canival cuz.
Happy carnival, also.
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