Friday, February 23, 2007

Nagin's War Chest

I don't want to nit-pick about Frank Donze's article in today's Picayune, but I don't know why Times Picayune reporters insist on comparing Nagin's spending, reported spending I should say, to that of all his opponents combined. More importantly, I still get the impression that the Nagin campaign was less than honest about its spending during the campaign and continues to play games to cover its tracks. In July, The Picayune reported that the Nagin campaign raised $5950 at its Chicago funraiser, now we're told that it was closer to $10,000. Yes, Nagin's campaign manager (and business partner and aviation board appointee), David White did give himself room to change that figure back in July, but that leaves the question about why he was so vague about campaign finances two months after the election.

The article was accompanied by a list of people and businesses that have given money to the mayor since the election. The Nagin campaign may have had to return a contribution to Billboard Ben, but Montgomery Watson Harza is still giving the mayor money. Omni Pinnacle is too; go figure.

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