Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kudos to the Mayor

I hope we can finally lay to rest all this talk about the mayor having a big ego. In his 100 day statement today, he didn't once brag about the great strides he had made in the effort to promote carnival, or sign a professional services contract to do so. Egotist? The man's so self-effacing that he even left out all mention of the Nagin cam.

He did mention that he fully expects the city's population to be back to 300,000 by the end of the year. In my last post, there was a reason why I tagged the part about taxi medallions on to a discussion of professional service contracts. It would be easy enough to catch any elected official contradicting himself, but this clearly reaches the level of cherry picking. The city's population is bouncing back faster than anybody could have expected. Unless of course it isn't: The city can't rehire municipal employees, it's lost too much population--far better to sign a professional services contract. There never will be any political favoritism involved in reissuing those revoked permits, the city's population has shrunk too much.

I suppose that the disclosure thing comes up for a laid off city worker, even a no longer unemployed one. Weird thing, feels tasteless to keep repeating it. It would seem dishonest to write about city employmnent so often without mentioning it occasionally.

I love it when you're mildly snarky.
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