Wednesday, September 06, 2006

100 Days of Couhig

Couhig in May:
Couhig said his aim by July 1 is “to begin doing things to demonstrate that we are indeed making progress.”

“The first thing you and I as citizens want to know is: ‘What’s the deal?’ ” Couhig said. “My goal at the end of the 100 days is that we have made substantive progress in the quality of life in New Orleans (and) that there is better understanding for what the future portends in the city of New Orleans.”

Describing himself now as a dutiful member of Nagin’s team, Couhig said he wants to help the mayor foster transparency at all levels of city government.

Couhig in July:
Mayor Ray Nagin's "game plan" for the first 100 days of his second term should be ready by "halftime," Gambit Weekly has learned. "We will do something at the midway spot, around July 20," says lawyer Rob Couhig ...the mayor's plan will list work the Nagin Administration has done during the first 50 days since his second term began June 1, as well as the goals for the next 50 days and the next four years.

Couhig in September:
Nagin intended the 100 days to be construed "not as a time period," Couhig said, but rather a short-range campaign to focus the attention of community leaders and his staff on quality-of-life issues, such as trash collection and crime reduction, that weigh on residents' decisions to stay in New Orleans.

Glad he made it so transparent.

Update: I don't have much hope for the online recall petition, but don't see what harm it can do. Recall talk seemed to have had a sobering effect on Aaron Broussard. Of course, Broussard's a mere mortal with some obvious weaknesses that he'd probably acknowledge--Nagin talks to God. First saw the petition at American Zombie, where it was followed by a darkly humorous, but all too serious post.

Adrastos has a humorous take on the administration's inability to count to 100.

I missed it in July, but The Louisiana Weekly reported that Couhig stated that the mayor's reconstruction plan woukd be available to the public on day 50.

Way to go, David. We're tag teaming C Ray and C Ouhig.
My recall effort on Nagin has freakin' legal teeth.
We're just getting started....I'm tired of waiting on the TP. I'm taking the gloves off.

GentillyG...were you the one who created the recall petition?

I need to talk to you if so.

we have a website in worksL
I'm waiting for this to break out into the news cycle:
แหล่งรวมเกมส์มากมาย ให้คุณได้เพลิดเพลินฟรีๆมากกว่า 1000 เกมส์ ไม่ว่าจะเป็นเกมส์แนว ผจญภัย เกมส์แต่งตัว เกมส์ทำอาหาร เกมส์ทดสอบเชาว์ปัญญา เกมส์ท้าทายความสามารถมากมาย
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