Saturday, July 22, 2006

One Year From When?

What in the hell should the date of Katrina have to do with the deadline to gut and repair homes? Seriously, should a deadline be based on when residents were forced to leave their homes or when they were welcomed back? Since houses without safe running water are legally unfit for human habitation, perhaps a deadline dated from the restoration of water service to an area would be appropriate. I'm not sure what a proper deadline for gutting and securing homes should be, but I do know that a consistent, citywide deadline of a year (from Katrina) certainly wouldn't be fair. Arguably, it wouldn't be consistent.

It's certainly not consistent with what Nagin said during the campaign. I don't have much to add to what Adrastos wrote, but Nagin didn't lie, exactly. As I recall it, Nagin said that he saw the need to gut and secure empty houses, but he didn't think a one year deadline would be fair for the entire city. If you've ever had a friend who was adept at misleading (without actually lying), you might not have broken off the friendship or even called him a liar. But if you ever played cards with him, you certainly paid close attention to his deal.

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