Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Martin O'Malley

If you ever want to a shut up a know-nothing who says that a white candidate can't get elected mayor of a majority black city, remember the name. It's probably not all that relevant to New Orleans politics, if only because of our open primary system. However:

In 2004, O’Malley was re-elected in the general election with 88% of the vote.

That's in a city with a similar racial makeup to pre-Katrina New Orleans:

White persons, percent, 2000 (a) 31.6%
Black or African American persons, percent, 2000 (a) 64.3%
American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent, 2000 (a) 0.3%
Asian persons, percent, 2000 (a) 1.5%


No real reason to bring it up now, but with all the talk of racial politics...Well, it was good for at least one bar bet before I stopped drinking a couple of years ago.

Oh c'mon now... it's all about race! Really! I mean... it's in the papers all the time so it must be true!


Seriously. Wouldn't it be just dandy if people would actually look at candidates and issues for a change? New Orleans needs to think beyond the black and white badly on this election.
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