Sunday, February 05, 2006

Jenny Woman of the Day

Maybe not the best choice of words, but I've often wondered why nobody uses the term anymore.

What is a "Jenny Woman" ? Danielle
Danielle, I have to admit that it was a bit of an affection for me to use the word because nobody uses it any more. I'm in my forties and the word is one that I mainly remember from my childhood. I explained it as well as I think I could in my comment on this post.

Somebody emailed and asked the same question months ago. Now that I think about it, I never did get around to responding. Was that you by any chance? Otherwise, I should try to see if I can find that email and respond.
You Know this is the ONLY reference to the word "Jenny Woman" that I could find on the entire internet.
Jennywoman might be he preferred spelling, or might have been the preferred spelling since the term is almost extinct. Found this:

Hoppy went directly to the mutuel window and carefully place their Pick Six wager. Boo fidgeted nervously nearby.

"Boo , you actin' like some kinda jennywoman. Relax my man, relax. Let's go watch the third."

As they returned to their familiar spot, two strangers stood there in conversation. The short round one balanced a beer and a hot dog in his right hand while he cradled an unlit cigar with his left.

About halfway through this piece.
I admire men who act like a jenny woman, because there are situartion where is neccesarry to do it, and there you can see who has nerve and who hasn't.
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