Monday, January 16, 2006

About that last post, it really was seeing the wait to get into permits that prompted me to look into the mayor's personnel decisions. What I found made me think that it's a seriously neglected issue. It would be wrong to post about it without disclosing my personal interest.

A friend of mine had this to say in an email:

Your rant on Nagin (which I agree with, from my distant perspective) reminds me of an old tech joke.

The IBM rowing team kept losing races. IBM brought in a top-dollar consultant to figure out the problem. The consultant interviewed everyone on the team - all ten "callers" who sat in the boat shouting to the rower what to do and the one "rower" on the team. With all the data in, the consultant reported back the answer: the rower isn't working hard enough. IBM put the rower on a performance plan, but ultimately had to fire him.

(You have to know how competitive rowing works to get this joke, btw. A real rowing team has one caller and a bunch of rowers. I'm guessing you figured this out.)

Very light posting until I solve my winhound problem.

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