Friday, November 11, 2005

Is It Getting Ugly Again So Soon?

Bobby Jindal seems to be joining Charles Boustany (links here and here) in the ranks of Louisiana Republicans who put the national party before the state. This From WWL-TV's web site:
Most Republicans blame a slow response from Washington on an unorganized and misdirected agenda from state and local leaders shortly after the hurricane, and say neighboring Mississippi's approach proved to be more effective.

“They came to it easy. Their Governor came up very quickly with a very specific plan…They offered very specific plans and had an early legislative session,” Jindal said

It didn't make the online story but (on air) Jindal also praised Mississippi for trimming its request from $38B to $33B (compared to La's much larger request) and offering to pay 10%. If Jindal's half as bright as he's reported to be, he knows that that's irrelevant.

Surely he knows that Louisiana was hit with two major hurricane to Mississippi's one. He knows that no county in Mississippi sat under water for three weeks as much of Orleans Parish did, only to have recovery further delayed by a second storm. He also knows that the damage to Orleans Parish alone probably equals the damage to all of Mississippi (great as that devastation was), the lost revenue (to both the state and city) from Orleans Parish alone will almost certainly equal or exceed that of all Mississippi. Does Mississippi have eroded coastal wetlands that will require billions to restore? Does Bobby Jindal know about some damaged levees in Mississippi that will also require many billions to repair? Of course not, Jindal's more concerned about the national party than the people of his safely red district.

Obviously, Jindal was right that the bloated aid request form La.'s two senators (of course,he neglected to blame the Republican)looked bad. But for him to imply that Louisiana should need anywhere nearly as little aid as Mississippi was ludricrous. If we're getting this from a Republican who represents the New Orleans area, who knows what we can expect from national Republicans. Thanks, Bobby.

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